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Lifehacker's Thought Provoking Guide to Common Core Proves Popular

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Lifehacker writer Melanie Pinola's piece "The Parent's Guide to the Common Core" has gotten more than 10,000 views and plenty of comments as of this writing. Obviously parents and non-parents are starving for more of a Common Core breakdown.

Some interesting facts in the article include: 
The Fordham Institute found that Common Core standards were clearer and more rigorous than the previous standards in the majority of states: 37 states for English language arts, and 39 states for Math. (However, California, Indiana, and DC were "clearly superior" to the Common Core and nearly a dozen states had standards in the same league as the Common Core.)
While Pinola, a parent and former English teacher, acknowledges some of the recent controversy over Common Core math homework, she also concedes that in many ways the standards work well for students, teachers and parents.
Not all schools are struggling with the Common Core; those who are embracing it are likely transitioning more slowly and providing teachers and parents with the information and tools they need to effectively help our children.

There are several videos embedded in the article as well as helpful outside links. 

Read the Lifehacker article and comment below whether or not you feel the writer has the full story on Common Core.




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