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Lesson Plans Help Students Better Understand Crisis in the Middle East

Lesson Plans Help Students Better Understand Crisis in the Middle East

Why teach students current events? Research has proven that integrating current events into the curriculum helps students learn critical media literacy skills, improve communication abilities, and overall become informed citizens and life-long news readers. 

A new series of lesson plans designed by the Pulitzer Center helps middle school and high school educators approach teaching the complexities behind the events that have unfolded in the Middle East over the past decade and a half.

The Pulitzer Center, a DC-based international journalism nonprofit, worked directly with The New York Times Magazine to craft lesson plans based on ‘The Fractured Lands’ by Scott Anderson, a 41,000-word special issue devoted to telling "the stories of six people in six countries who lived through the effects of the Iraq War, Arab Spring and rise of ISIS.”

The K-12 lesson plan helps educators introduce the piece to the class by providing several ways to approach the story as well as includes pre-reading questions, discussion questions, extension activities, comprehension questions and additional resources.

In other words, the K-12 lesson plan provides educators with the needed framework to approach a vast and complex topic that allows for optimal student understanding of the content.

Educators also have the option to create their own digital lesson plan with ease using the Pulitzer Center’s Lesson Builder tool, which "allows any educator to create a lesson around Pulitzer Center journalism and is a simple, shareable way to bring the world to your classroom,” according to the website.

The Pulitzer Center is offering additional support to educators interested in connecting students to the “Fractured Lands” lessons and consequently a better understanding of the crisis in the Middle East through contacting [email protected].

Read more about The Pulitzer Center’s lesson plans here.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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