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Learning Platform Announces Social Platform for "Mini-MOOCS"

Learning Platform Announces Social Platform for "Mini-MOOCS"

EdCast, a personal learning network, announced its plans to create a new educational social media platform that allows for the sharing of "Mini-MOOCS," or video snippets of educational content during the Future Learning 2020 Summit, according to

"According to a news from the Stanford and EdCast-hosted Summit, EdCasting is a less formal version of online courses, and is akin to tweeting, 'with the difference being that each post is based on a video or link that can be described without being limited to 140 characters," the site said.

The idea behind the new social media platform is to connect educators and users to experts in subjects in seconds with brief, concise descriptions.

"The launch of EdCasting includes 10 channels ranging from entrepreneurship, architecture, robotics, technology, and health, filled with insights from over '100 globally renowned experts and influencers,' described the company in a press release."

Because it separates personal and unrelated news and content out of the mix which Twitter does not, it serves as a readily available tool for educators and learners everywhere.

“'Unlike Twitter, this is not mixed with personal comments or the latest news—it is a pure-play channel for educational content. Also, there is no 're-tweeting', so that the information flow is not diluted with recycled information–everything in your feed is a hand-selected link or video,'" said a report from Class Central, according to the site.

Read more about the proposed tool here and comment thoughts below.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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