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The Learning Counsel is Looking for Feedback

The Learning Counsel Seeks Survey Answers to Help Schools Implement Digital Curriculum

The well-know research institute The Learning Counsel is seeking responses to its 2015 Digital Curriculum Strategy Assessment Tool & Survey from educators everywhere to help it best design support for schools and districts looking to build a better digital curriculum, according to

The survey tool was inspired by the Counsel's Digital Curriculum Discussion Meetings it held in 14 cities last year. The Counsel's CEO and publisher, Leilani Cauthe, said they continued to see that administration in every district was running into very similar problems adapting digital curriculums, according to the article.

"'We want to share knowledge of what is working and where the greatest challenges are and how they are being overcome. And beyond that, we want to acknowledge the leading schools and districts who are winning with their teachers and students in this digital age,'" she said.

Those who wish to participate will have until September 15 to submit responses to the self-assessment and survey.

Then, "The Learning Counsel will collect, analyze and summarize the findings and present them at their Annual Gathering and National Awards event in Albuquerque, NM, in October. The summarized results will also be available for free on the counsel’s website," the article said.

The Counsel is also offering incentives to what it deems as the top ten respondents.

"The top 10 respondents to the survey will be invited to attend the National Awards Event to be honored for their achievements. Winner interviews will be publicly promoted with videos and editorial on the Learning Counsel site, and press stories on the winners will be issued to general media outlets."

To learn more about the survey and to participate, click here.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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