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Newsela Recruits Huffington Post CEO Grusd to Board of Directors

Newsela Recruits Huffington Post CEO, Jared Grusd to Board of Directors

Huffington Post CEO and revered leader in media Jared Grusd will be joining educational technology startup Newsela on its board of directors, the company announced in a release.

“We are honored that Jared has elected to join our Board of Directors. Jared deeply understands the online media and content space, including the fundamental challenges of making content meaningful to various audiences,” said, Matthew Gross, Newsela CEO in the release.

For those unfamiliar with Newsela, it is a company that is determined to provide media access to children of all reading levels. Newsela receives access to media from partner sources and makes these articles available to readers of five different reading levels, ensuring every 2-12 student can learn from the materials.

Since starting out, Newsela has rapidly grown thanks to its commitment to personalized learning.

"As a company, Newsela has seen significant growth in the past year nearly doubling the number of teachers using the service to over 700,000. The company now has over 100 employees with many from top Silicon Valley companies such as Google, Facebook, Yahoo and Spotify,” the company said.

The addition of Grusd to its Board of Directors is just one example of how the company is looking to bring on in the coming months as it seeks to expand even further.

"As someone who participates in the news of the world on a daily basis, I see this technology as a brilliant way to not only engage students in the learning process but to also improve literacy, something that is vital for our future as a country, ” said Jared Grusd on his decision to join Newsela.

Read more about Newsela here.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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