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Survey Finds 5 Essential Multimedia Skills For Teachers

A leading resource for K-12 technology education, THE Journal, recently compiled information gathered from a national survey asking educators about the skills they need to teach tech-savviness in the digital age. Out of 121 different results, with the experienced comments from educators around the country, they narrowed down these five skills as necessities:

  1. Troubleshooting. Rather depending on the IT department, teachers ought to take the time to handle issues that arise. This includes knowing basic quick fixes for a functioning classroom, like connecting to the Internet and running a virus scan.
  2. Embracing Curiosity. This involves being unafraid to teach as you learn, and tackle the unknown in the classroom. Heather Scott, a teacher from Academy District 20 in Colorado Springs, noted: “It is my job to offer my students the same fresh perspectives, newest information and best tools for their purposes and readiness level.”
  3. Using Video Technology. Maria Elena Yepes, the director for the learning assistance center at East Los Angeles College, remarked: “Our students spend hours viewing and forwarding videos they find interesting to their friends and classmates. Incorporating videos and instructional tools could increase student interest and participation in class.”
  4. Using Interactive Equipmen​t. Teachers are encouraged to know how to seamlessly use projectors, interactive whiteboards, cameras and digital playback devices. "Without the ability to appropriately manage technology use, technology is often inappropriately used, lost, broken and becomes more of a classroom disruption than an effective tool for student learning," stated Phil Hardin, the IMPACT project director at Iredell-Statesville Schools in North Carolina.
  5. Perfecting Presentations. Stray away from the usual PowerPoint presentation to try different ways of engaging students. Steven Fournier, the tech integrator and math teacher for Shaker Regional School District in New Hampshire, recommended “multiple presentation Web tools such as Prezi [and] Animoto to vary how material is presented.”

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By Samantha DiMauro, Education World Contributor

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