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Inspire Your Students to be Future Nobel Prize Winners with These Free Resources

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Inspiring your student to be a global leader just got a little easier thanks to a partnership between EF Education First (EF) and the Nobel Museum.

Timed with the release of the 2016 Nobel Prize winners, EF and the Nobel Museum are releasing a book (free via digital download) and an accompanying teacher’s guide to help teachers around the world show their students that they, too, can change the world and receive a high distinction like the Nobel Prize.

The book, titled Nobel Journeys, was created with the help of the Nobel Museum’s Curators to tell the stories of 10 Nobel Prize winners and how their educational experiences led them on their respective journeys to influence the world. Through reading the book and reviewing its accompanying guide, teachers can easily show students that pathways to success are never conventional and that it could very well be their great idea that receives international recognition in the future.

The free standards-aligned teacher's guide helps teachers provide students with important lessons in grit, experiential learning and cross-cultural learning with detailed lesson plans that correspond with the book; in no time, students will "come to better understand not only the world-changing activities made by these Laureates, but also how these incredible scholars overcame adversity and adhered to their personal values in reaching for their goals," says EF in the guide's introduction.

EF is also giving students a chance to act on this inspiration and potentially participate in their Global Leadership Summit next year.

Students are encouraged to apply to the 2017 Global Citizenship Scholarship, a scholarship that provides them with the opportunity to collaborate with similarly globally-minded students while competing for a chance to have their project featured in the Nobel Museum. As icing on the cake, students receive a free trip to Europe where the summit is held.

This year’s theme addresses the Future of Food; students must apply by November 7 with a video, digital media project or essay that determines a major food issue in both their community and across the globe and includes a solution for addressing this issue.

"Food excites us, brings us together, and ultimately sustains us. And yet people all over the world struggle daily with food-related issues such as extreme hunger, obesity, limited access to healthy food choices, and food waste. Finding sustainable solutions to food production and consumption issues requires that we examine the role that food plays in our daily lives and consider how our actions today impact future generations,” EF says on its guidelines page.

To enter, students must be 13 years or older and must be current high school students and can submit their project on EF’s Facebook page. Winners will be announced on or around January 2, 2017.

Get your free copy of Nobel Journeys to get started here.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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