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Latest Education News
The U.S. Department of Education has awarded the first round of funding as part of a five-year-plan to help Asian American Pacific Islander students.
What is the climate in your school like post-election? Take this survey to share with your peers.
An edtech expert is offering advice on how leaders should develop education policy.
English Language Learners will receive extra support on the ACT for the first time next year.
A new Scholastic survey gets a feel for how teachers and principals view equity in education.
A new contest is offering big prizes for edtech innovation.
A viral 'Trump lesson plan' is raising questions about the place of politically charged content in classrooms.
Computer Science Education Week is rapidly approaching.
Big news from Apple about its involvement in Computer Science Education Week.
A new technology survey provides findings on classroom use of iPads and Chromebooks.
Live Music Tutor is continuing to bring music education to schools with its virtual learning tool.
The latest news in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM).
The NBA and Discovery Education are teaming up to engage students in mathematics learning.
Take our survey to weigh-in on the learning potential of Minecraft: Education Edition in the classroom.
Why and how home visits can help reduce student absences.
Education access has been linked to lower rates of dementia.
John B. King, Jr. brings attention to the use of corporal punishment in schools.
Read about potential Secretary of Education Michelle Rhee.