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Idaho Pilot Program Expands to Provide Career Education to Rural Students

Idaho Pilot Program Expands to Provide Career Education to Rural Students

Idaho Pathways To Early Career High School (PTECH), a pilot program that provides career education to the state’s high school students, announced today it is expanding to reach the state’s rural students with career coaching services.

Launched in 2014, PTECH is a program designed to address a “skills gap” where only one-third of the state’s residents are qualified to fill open jobs.

"PTECH is helping to bridge this gap by providing rural students with the coaching and support they need to develop the critical skills that today’s employers seek. Partnering with the coaching experts at InsideTrack, they are leveraging mobile technology and digital resources aligned to the student’s interests to provide personalized coaching for students and set students up for success in high-growth, high-demand career pathways,” said Idaho PTECH Network in a statement.

InsideTrack is a company that uses professional coaching, technology and data analytics to ensure that students can demonstrate career readiness after training.

Specifically, the program ultimately hopes to help Idaho students acquire the skills needed for the state’s most in-demand and high-growth industries creating what it calls a “state workforce pipeline.”

The program works to provide students who struggle to find connections between education and real life and “need to see a clear benefit before committing to college." 

Rural students are a big focus of the program as districts in rural areas lack the same kind of access to high-quality educational opportunities when compared to bustling, urban districts.

“Using InTrack’s innovative remote coaching, we’re able to support students regardless of their geographic location. Building out Idaho’s talent pipeline not only meets the demands of Idaho’s workforce and enhances our state’s overall economic success, but it also ensures individual career success for our students,” said Alan Millar, Executive Director of Idaho PTECH.

Read more about PTECH here.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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