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Hundreds of U.S. Schools Recognized for Active School Environments

Let's Move! Active Schools, part of Michelle Obama's Let's Move! campaign, has recognized 525 U.S. schools for creating active school environments by increasing physical activity and education within their walls.

Specifically, "The Let's Move! Active Schools National Award is the top physical activity and physical education distinction for K-12 schools. The award celebrates a school's commitment to integrating at least 60 minutes of physical activity before, during and after the school day," Let's Move! Active Schools said in a statement.

With September being National Childhood Obesity Awareness month, the distinction seeks to bring attention to schools that have excelled in "in five areas: physical education; physical activity before- and after-school; physical activity during school; staff involvement; and family & community engagement," the statement said.

Aside from the recognition, "[h]onorees are provided with a banner, certificate and congratulatory letter from the First Lady. Recognition packages were generously sponsored by BOKS, Build Our Kids' Success, a free before- and during-school physical activity program aimed at getting kids' bodies moving and their brains ready to learn."

Obama told today that she's extremely happy with the progress of her initiatives over the past six years to increase health awareness in America's children and in America's schools. 

"So many people have stepped up on behalf of our kids: Communities are redesigning public spaces—building bike paths, refurbishing playgrounds, cleaning up public parks—so kids have safe places to play. Food and beverage companies and restaurants are cutting calories from their products and offering healthier kids' menus. Schools and childcare centers are serving more fruits, vegetables, and whole grains in their meals and snacks. Faith leaders are educating their congregations about healthy eating," she said.

Check out the full list of the 2015 Let's Move! Active Schools National Award Recipients here and comment with your thoughts below. 

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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