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Global Maker Day Presents Opportunity for Maker Movement Enthusiasts to Share, Learn

Global Maker Day Presents Opportunity for Maker Movement Enthusiasts to Share, Learn

The maker movement--or the push for students to learn to build and create in supplement to what they learn in the classroom--is taking off and many experts are certain it’s way more than just a fad or craze.

If you’re one of the many enthusiasts out there who is optimistic in how the maker movement helps students succeed, you’ll most certainly want to participate in next week’s Global Maker Day.

The free and completely virtual event is occurring on May 17 beginning at 8 AM EST. Registration is a simple process and can be found here.

The event will feature designers, entrepreneurs, “global problem solvers” and “re-creators” who will share with participants their experience in the maker movement.

Some examples of speakers and topics include Shelly Fryer’s "iPads in Maker Studio" and Ann Smart’s "Starting a Maker Club” to name just a few.

The event is bringing together educators from all over who have something to share.

Educator Colleen Graves, for instance, will be speaking about how to incorporate the invention kit Makey Makey into the classroom.

"I’m excited to present some ideas on incorporating Makey Makey in the classroom and discuss some recent tinkering with literacy and Makey Makey success! I’ll be talking at 8 am CST on May 17th. Since that is before school starts, I won’t have a class with me, but I’m sure some of my morning makers will be crashing the webinar!” Graves wrote on her blog. 

See the full #GlobalMakerDay schedule here.

Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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