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Gifts That Teachers Actually Need & Want

Gifts That Teachers Actually Need & Want


It’s no secret that teachers are typically over-worked and underpaid despite their very important job. Use this holiday season to show your appreciation to a teacher you know- or don’t know- by getting them a gift they actually need (no more apples!)


Gift Ideas For Teachers You Know- Or Don't Know 



Gift Type For Teachers You Know For Teachers You Don't Know
Classroom Supplies


It's no surprise that teachers spend a ton of out-of-pocket money on classroom

Purchasing supplies
and gift cards from stores like Staples, Michael's, Office Depot and the like will 
help your teacher get through the remainder of the school year. 

Teachers from all over the country are increasingly turning to 
crowdfunding websites like to fund classroom needs they cannot afford.

Help a teacher out  from any part of the country by making a donation. 

Most teachers get involved in the profession because of their love for helping children learn and grow.

This holiday season, make a charitable
donation in your teachers name to charities that are designated to helping educate children across the country.

Examples include the Knowledge is Power Program, (KIPP), the Center for Early Education, and the Boy & Girls 

Club of America to name just a few. 

Help teachers out nationally this season by adopting a classroom through

Through using this site,  you are able to find a classroom and make a donation
to help the teacher purchase what teachers need to succeed.

You'll also receive updates on the impact you've made in the classroom you're sponsoring as an added plus.



Personalized Gift Ideas For Your Child's Teacher

If you're looking for a personalized gift idea for your child's teacher that he or she will appreciate, here are several ideas approved by teachers.

1. Scrapbooks That Highlight School Spirit 

One great gift idea for a near-and-dear teacher is a scrapbook with good times from the school he or she teaches at. The scrapbook can include a mix of classroom-specific memories and school-pride highlights to remind your teacher why he or she loves working at your child's school.

2.Classroom Decorations

Since teachers have to spend more and more of their own money on needed supplies, they therefore have less money to spend on less-needed things like classroom decorations. Help your teacher friend personalize his or her classroom by helping him or her out with some creative decorations. Some decoration ideas include bulletin board supplies, personalized teacher signs, door decorations, classroom curtains, pizazz'ed cabinets and more. 

3. A Mini-Book Club 

For the teacher wholove to read, take the idea of gifting books to another level by buying a couple for both you and your teacher-of-honor to read at the same time, creating a mini-book club between you two. It's a win-win if you're a book lover because it will also help you establish a strong relationship with your child's teacher. Use sites like ThriftBooks to find gently used, affordable books to make it happen. 



Compiled by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor 


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