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Funding Shortage Threatens School Districts in Pennsylvania

Funding Shortage Threatens School Districts in Pennsylvania

Continuing funding shortages have caused education leaders in Pennsylvania to provide school districts with “checklists” in case they are forced to shut down, a scary warning of what might come if problems persist.

"The memo, dated Tuesday, arrived as the state approaches its ninth month without a complete budget for 2015-16,” said the Trib Live.

"The checklist suggests that districts develop a plan to ensure the needs of special education students are met. It advises district officials to review their collective bargaining agreements and outline a plan for debt payments,” the article said.

The district would have about 60 days to prepare for a shutdown if it actually were to happen.

A spokesman for Gov. Tom Wolf, however, said that “[t]his is not to suggest that any school district closures are imminent,” but rather that the approval of a balanced budget is crucial.

The budget crisis has had a severe impact on Pennsylvania’s schools for years now.

In September, for example, teachers in Chester Upland School District were forced to work for free at the beginning of the school year while awaiting emergency funds- for the second time in three years. 

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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