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Foundation Provides Teachers With Tips for Helping Students With Specific Speech Difficulty

Foundation Provides Teachers with Tips for Helping Students who Stutter

The Stuttering Foundation released a list of tips today designed for teachers in order to provide children with speech problems--specifically stuttering--the right kind of help in the classroom.

Children who stutter "may begin to struggle, tense up, and become frustrated in their efforts to talk. These children need help,” says Lisa Scott, Ph.D. of The Florida State University in a statement from the Stuttering Foundation.

The tips, compiled by Scott, focus on not treating children who stutter differently from other young children in the class who are also learning to read.

For instance, the very first tip recommends against telling students who stutter to “slow down” or “just relax.”

The tips also advise teachers to be firm of their expectations for students despite their stutter.

"Have a one-on-one conversation with the student who stutters about needed accommodations in the classroom. Respect the student’s needs, but do not be enabling,” reads Tip #7.

Tip #8 instructs teachers to not make stuttering something to be ashamed about, and instead something that is discussed like any other matter to ensure that students stick with learning instead of giving up.

More specific tips include ones like #3: "Help all members of the class learn to take turns talking and listening. All students — and especially those who stutter — find it much easier to talk when there are few interruptions and they have the listener’s attention.”

"Any time teachers are concerned about a child's fluency they should consult with the school speech clinician as well as the parents to make sure their approach to the child's speech is consistent,” says Jane Fraser, president of the Stuttering Foundation in the company’s statement.

"Talk with the child privately and reassure him or her of your support; let them know that you are aware of their stuttering and that you accept it - and them.”

Read the full list of tips here.

Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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