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10 Ways to Use Chromebooks in the Classroom

Former Teacher: 10 Ways to Use Chromebooks in the Classroom

Chromebooks are big in the education market. This week, New York City’s Department of Education adopted Chromebooks in its 1,800 schools. CIO Hal Friedlander said the main reason the city picked Chromebooks was because so many schools were already using Google’s tools.

EducationDive writer Allie Gross offers teachers ten way teachers can use Chromebooks in the classroom.

Her first suggestion was to take advantage of Google Drive and Google Docs. Gross said teachers should “have students write essays using Google Docs.”

“Teachers can sit at their desk and click through student’s document, checking in to see how their writing process is going and even leaving comments in real time,” Gross said. You can even allow students to access each other’s documents during the editing and revision portions of the writing process.”

A second suggestion from Gross is that teachers use Google Chrome. Gross said teachers can “create a class blog that students follow.”

“Instead of giving out instructions in class, let students use the Chromebook to log on to the Internet, check out the class blog, and find out the tasks for the day,” she said. “As students independently work on assignments, their teacher can move around the room and catch up with individuals.”

One last suggestion is for teachers to use Google Apps for Education where teachers can “choose digital games and activities to use with students.”

“Educators can sift through the Play for Education store, as they look for new tools to engage their students. Users can browse by grade level, subject, or device, be it Chromebook or tablet,” she said.

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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