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The First Arts Education Day Will Be Celebrated February 2015

The arts education non-profit Arts Bridging The Gap will launch the first ever #ArtsEdDay on Wednesday, February 25, 2015. The day was created to raise awareness for the need of Arts Education for all children, and will function as an online arts education party.

"We want to add personal stories, faces and hands to the undeniable data that Arts Education changes lives," said Georgia Van Cuylenburg, the executive director of Arts Bridging the Gap, in a press release.

The day can be celebrated in a number of different ways online. Students are encouraged to share the name of their favorite Arts teacher, while teachers are encouraged to ingrate the Arts into one of their lessons and share it via social media. Artists can post work they completed while in school, and students can post their own art work. The goal is for participants "to share how Arts Education has made their lives better" via Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and others using the hashtag #ArtsEdDay

As stated on, the non-profit's mission is "to bring top quality arts programs to children in lower income areas in order to improve their quality of life, academic success and future prospects." They operate under four key roles: (1) working with and supporting children's arts organizations, (2) creating a community of dedicated donors, (3) providing place for volunteers to find a program that fits their passions and availability, and (4) using a "specifically designed evaluation program to track the academic and life success" of participating children.

According to the official press release for the day, "Because of the large gap between school performance of affluent children and undeserved youth in America the US currently ranks 33rd in the would for Math and Science scores. If this gap was bridge and the U.S. scores matched Canada's at number seven, America's gross domestic product would increase by 6.7 percent; which would equal approximately $10 trillion by 2050."

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By Samantha DiMauro, Education World Contributor

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