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EdWorld Groundhog Day Roundup: STEM Activities and More!

EdWorld Groundhog Day Round-Up: STEM Activities and More!

Use this list of activities from EdWorld to cover all the subjects this Groundhog Day. 

Arts & History Activities for Groundhog Day

A Story Worth Telling: The History Behind Groundhog Day

Why do we have Groundhog Day? Where did the superstition of using a groundhog’s shadow to predict the length of winter come from?

Learn fun facts to tell your students about the holiday’s history- some of them even you might not have known!

See the full lesson plan here. 

Every-Day-Edit: Groundhog Day Edition

Check up on students’ grammar skills by having them do one of Education World’s Every-Day-Edits. It’s a perfect, quick activity to start or end the school day with.

See the full activity here.

STEM Activities for Groundhog Day

If you’re looking to put an emphasis on STEM (Science, Technology, Math and Engineering) learning this Groundhog Day, look no further.

Make Predictions Through Graphs

Help your students predict if the groundhog will see his shadow this holiday through having students create graphs.

"In this lesson, students create one or two graphs. One graph shows the past history of..predictions; the other graph illustrates students' predictions for the current year. For the purpose of this lesson plan, students create the historic graph first.”

See the full lesson plan here.

Measure the Length of Your Shadow

Help students understand the science behind measuring a shadow by having them measure their own, at least three times a day to begin understanding the connection between shadow's length and the sun's position. It’s science!

See the full lesson plan here.

Organize Groundhog Species

As people speculate on whether or not winter will be short or long, we often forget that groundhogs are a living, breathing animal that have a species rooted in science.

Remind your students about this science by having them organize the 14 species of Marmots around the world.

See the full lesson plan here. 

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