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Educator Offers Four Components for Mobile Classroom Management

Educator Offers Four Components for Mobile Classroom Management

The mobile classroom is constantly emerging in schools, and teachers must be ready to develop strategies to keep students eager to learn. 

At a Connected Educator Month webinar, East Central University Assistant Professor Mark Jones and instructor Toni Jones offered tips and managing advice for mobile classrooms, according to an article on 

During the webinar, the article said, "Mark Jones outlined four main components of mobile classroom management, which he based on four management principles outlined by Patricia Kyle and Lawrence Rogien. Those components are effective teaching, a preventive component, the corrective component, and a supportive component."

“These models aren’t new, but we have to adapt and try them, and apply them to this brave new world of mobile learning or one-to-one environments, where all students are holding powerful devices,” he said.

One of the components, preventive, circles around what educators must do in order to instruct students of what they can and can't do with their technological devices during the school day. One of the approaches Jones suggested is using a "device usage signaling system."

"For instance, an educator uses certain colors or flags to indicate when devices are in use of when they must be put down or put away," he said. 

Jones said that when devices are in use, make sure to have "clearly-defined activities that don't give students an opportunity to open off-task apps."

"Educators should become familiar with “red flag” postures that signal students may be using their devices for off-task purposes or during a time when attention should be on the instructor and not on the device," Jones added.

Read the full story. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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