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Education World STEM News Round Up

STEM initiatives are sweeping the nation, and Education World has compiled the latest stories to show just what students are learning in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math.

New Orleans mother develops “ThinkerKids”: STEAM-inspired afterschool program

Melancon Franz originally created “Thinkerella” when she saw the potential for learning at her 11-year-old daughter’s birthday party, and the success of the company was so well received, she developed an offshoot for grade school students. Topics studied include the science behind cotton candy, learning about DNA by constructing models out of Gummy Bears and Twizzlers, and discovering engineering and architecture through the movie “Frozen.” Read the full story

Oregon high school students team with NOAA for ocean current tracking project

The Oregon Coast STEM Hub enlisted Waldport High students to build miniature vessels that will be set loose in ocean and coastal waters and tracked. The unmanned sailboats are self-steering and equipped with GPS devices, and students can track them at Read the full story.

MindGear Labs in Madison, AL receives White House grant

MindGear Labs and Rocket City Launch are making the effort to teach robotics to kids, not only in class, but in afterschool activities and summer camps. They were one of 50 businesses in the US—and the only business in Alabama—to be selected to go to the White House to accept the grant. Read the full story.

Bluford STEM Academy hosts “STEMology Night”

In Greensboro, North Carolina, Bluford STEM Academy magnet school will host a night of STEM-centric activities on Tuesday, November 18. The night will act like a mini conference, and feature speakers from North Carolina A&T’s School of Engineering, all in aim to prepare students for STEM careers. Read the full story

New Jersey school uses STEM grant to study Titanic

Fourth grade teachers Jessica Boll and Tanya D’Agostino were awarded a $500 STEM classroom grant, and have decided to use the funds to pay for materials to study engineering and math through the story of Titanic. The project aims to give students a real world understanding of the Titanic events, paired with a research based literature study. Read the full story.


Does your school have a unique STEM program? Comment below or email editor[at] to let us know!

Compiled by Samantha DiMauro, Education World Contributor


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