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Education World News Round Up Part Two: Best of 2014

Education World News Round Up Part Two: Best of 2014

The year is coming to an end, and Education World has provided teachers with the news they need to help with professional development, technology, Common Core, trends, and more.

Education World has gathered a list of the best news items in 2014.

  1. Six Minecraft Lesson Ideas for Common Core Math Class: Jim Pike, former third grade teacher, explained how using Minecraft in the classroom changed his classroom culture and helped students learn in an enjoyable way. 
  2. Google Classroom Adds 'Five New Improvements' for Teachers: This fall, Google announced five new improvements to enhance Google Classroom, an app for teachers. One of the improvements included the option for students to mark assignments as "done" if there was nothing to turn in. 
  3. Urban Ed Expert: 5 Ways to Teach About Michael Brown and Ferguson: An article on The Huffington Post offers teachers five ways to teach about Michael Brown in the classroom including writing letters to all those involved in the shooting, creating a classroom memorial, making classroom connections, and more. 
  4. CEO of Teaching Quality: Professional Development Often Inadequate: In this article, Barnett Barry, founder and CEO of Center for Teaching Quality, said that a study would be released highlighting that the $18 billion spent on professional development is ineffective.
  5. STEM Education: Five Tools That Transform the Classroom: At article in The Atlantic shared five tools that can transform education including 3-D printers, flight simulators, and LEGOs. 

What would you like us to cover in 2015? Share your comments below.

Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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