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Four Tools to Improve Lectures from Education Dive

Education Dive: Four Tools to Spicen Up Lectures

When it comes to lecturing students, teachers can use a number of resources that can help make their classroom interested. 

Education Dive offers teachers four tools for "spicing up" lectures, including Microsoft Office Mix, Display Note, Slidedog, and Splashtop. 

"We're not saying there's anything wrong with presentations," the article said. "After all, they wouldn't be used so often in the classroom if they weren't effective. But in today's increasingly device-saturated learning spaces, whether they be in higher ed or K-12, instruction demands interaction. Luckily, it's not too hard to spice up your pedagogy."

The first tool Education Dive offered is Microsoft Office Mix, and said "Microsoft takes its familiar PowerPoint and gives it 'superpowers.'"

"PowerPoint slides can now include interactive apps, simulations, or games pulled from the Office Store, as well as handwriting and animations synced to a presenter's voice, formative assessments, and curated Web sites," the article said. "Among the available applications: Khan Academy, University of Colorado’s PhET physical science simulations app, and GeoGebra. Mix is available for Powerpoint 2013, and can also be downloaded as a free add-on for Office 365."

Here's a video explaining the ins and outs of Microsoft Office Mix:

Another tool Education Dive referred to teachers is Display Note, which "allows an instructor to deliver presentations wirelessly via an iPad or Android device."

"If, say, you have a class full of students with tablets, you can deliver your presentation directly to their screens," the article said. "Students can interact and collaborate as the presentation is going on, and annotations or notes can be made by instructor or student alike. It also works with Windows and Mac desktops."

Here is a video explaining how Display Note works:

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Article by Kassondra Granata, Education World Contributor

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