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EdTech Site Offers Tips and Tools for Blended, Flipped Classrooms

EdTech Site Offers Tips and Tools for Blended, Flipped Classrooms

More and more schools are adopting blended and flipped learning in the classroom to give students “more control over their learning path.”

Because these practices are becoming a trend in schools, teachers may start to feel overwhelmed with all of the fast-paced technological practices in the classroom. offers teachers a refresher, tips, and tools teachers can use in their classroom when it comes to blended or flipped learning.

“Blended learning is an environment in which students study in a “blended” model of face-to-face instruction with a teacher and technology-based instruction to meet their educational needs,” a recent Edudemic article said. The site also “refreshed” readers on what flipped classrooms were, and mainly focused on blended learning elements, two of which were digital media tools and social media tools.

“These tools allow teachers and students to foster online communities of learners to enhance the course content,” the article said. “The biggest advantage of technology-based learning is that the students, as well as the teachers have the option to collaborate on projects. Students may need to share assignments, discuss learning or teachers may want to share study material."

One tool the article suggests is using Edmodo, a learning management tool (LMS). Edmodo operates much like Facebook does, which students like. 

“Students and teachers can reach out to one another and connect by sharing ideas, problems and tips,” the article said. “A teacher can assign and grade work. Students can get help either from the entire class or make up small study-groups.”

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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