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Latest Education News
Where does your state rank on this list of most and least financially literate states?
Florida may be close to passing a recess bill, and research suggests it should be a no-brainer.
Arizona's expanded ESA program likely means it will become the epicenter of a national debate over school vouchers.
A new study provides further evidence that a more representative workforce may fundamentally improve educational outcomes for students of color.
The Learning Network launches a new interactive webinar series covering a range of high-interest topics.
The teacher shortage problem is worsening, forcing schools to come up with alternative ways of delivering instruction.
Could merit-pay programs be a way to aid teacher retention and boost student learning?
A look at the practice and its harmful consequences.
This week, stories about a push for more robust STEM integration and a basketball legend bringing STEM Ed to his hometown.
Betsy DeVos's Department of Education is taking shape with this new round of hires.
One teacher is challenging her state's new sick leave policy.
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos is scheduled to visit the Van Wert public school in Ohio alongside AFT President Randi Weingarten.
Grade skipping may help to lead more female students to STEM-related careers.
A few states have introduced bills that aim to educate students on the basics of media literacy.
According to NAEP's national report card, students are still struggling in terms of their access to and learning of visual arts and music.
Fidget Widgets are becoming a hit in the classroom due to their ability to help kids stay focused.
A new report reveals that educators believe independent reading greatly benefits students, but they don't believe it's happening enough.
If you're wondering which U.S. high schools offer the best STEM curriculum, this list has the answer.
President Trump has issued an executive order for a review of the federal government's role in public education policy.
Teachers are finding success in crowdfunding campaigns to offset the cost of spending their own paycheck on much-needed school supplies.