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Documentary Advocates Against Processed Foods in School Lunches

Documentary 'Cafeteria Man' Advocates Removing Processed Foods from Schools

A new documentary, "Cafeteria Man," looks at the issue of processed foods in schools. The film follows Baltimore Public Schools Food Service Manager Tony Geraci as he works alongside students at a 33-acre urban farm and learns more about bringing freshly prepared food to schools throughout the nation. 

According to the Boston Globe, "Cafeteria Man" documents food-service changes during Geraci's time at Baltimore schools from 2008-11, which began with building a central kitchen to replace pre-plated, processed meals with freshly prepared food made with locally grown ingredients. Geraci is now Director of Nutrition Services for public schools in Memphis.

"I don't think the average person understands that childhood nutrition is the most regulated industry on the planet," said Geraci. "I see health issues all the time. I have 8-year-old kids with Type 2 diabetes. Our program in Memphis is about putting a healthy kid in front of an educator that is ready to learn. We view our job more about readiness and less about the food on the tray."

Read the full story. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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