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Detroit Teachers Use Social Media to Broadcast Poor School Conditions

Detroit Teachers Use Social Media to Broadcast Poor School Conditions

After facing criticism from Detroit Public School officials for staging “sick-outs” that have kept thousands of students home last week, teachers took to Twitter over the weekend to showcase the deplorable conditions in their schools.

Via the Twitter account @Detroitteach, public school teachers submitted shocking photos of stalled renovations and moldy conditions to raise awareness and receive support from the public.

Within the next two weeks, hearings will begin to decide on “ on a package of two bills that would split the district into two — one to deal with paying off the $515-million debt in the old district and the other a new district to educate students. The legislation calls for appointing a nine-member interim board — five members would be appointed by Gov. Rick Snyder and four by Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan — who would hire a superintendent,” said The Detroit Free Press.

Legislators are hoping that a compromise on the legislation can be reached to begin giving Detroit Public Schools the renovations they need for the benefit of both the students and teachers who study and work there.

The issue has become more pressing due to the teacher protests in the form of “sick-outs” that, on one day, closed more than 69 public schools and kept thousands of students home for the day. Though school officials have criticized teachers for hurting students by keeping them from school, teachers argue that the current conditions have created an unsafe learning environment that hurt students more.

Obama is reportedly paying a visit to Detroit this week, but will not be there to inspect its education system. Instead, he will be visiting the North American International Auto Show to see the progress of the city’s auto industry. The White House said yesterday the trip will clue Obama into the "the remarkable progress made by the city, its people and neighborhoods."

Below are some examples of teacher-submitted photos that show the desperate need for repair in many Detroit schools.









Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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