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Department of Education Discusses Future of Education Under ESSA

Department of Education Discusses Future of Education Under ESSA

New Acting Education Secretary John King has kicked off his “Opportunity in America” tour, will he be traveling to different parts of the country to discuss the opportunities available under the new education legislation, the Every Student Succeeds Act.

Part of the reason behind the tour is to ensure states that the Department of Education will begin working to provide support for the transition to the new legislation.

"In order to ensure that states and school districts meet new requirements and take advantage of new opportunities in the law, while ensuring equity for all students, the Department will need to provide regulations, guidance and technical assistance on key provisions of the law,” the Department said in a statement.

King began his tour in El Paso, Texas, where he heard "from local students, educators, and community leaders about the unique challenges and opportunities faced by border communities,” the Department said.

The Department wants states and districts to understand the new opportunities afforded under the law, including expanded access to high-quality preschool and reducing unnecessary testing.

The Department’s statement also discussed the new opportunities that will be provided to disadvantaged students under the legislation.

“ recognition of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act’s legacy as a civil rights law, ESSA upholds critical protections for America’s disadvantaged students, including vulnerable children,” the Department said.

"The new law ensures that states and school districts will hold schools accountable for the progress of all students. To help accomplish this goal, it prescribes meaningful reforms to remedy underperformance, ensuring that steps are taken to help students who fall behind and their schools; especially the very lowest-performing schools, high schools with high dropout rates, and schools where certain groups of students are not achieving to their fullest potential”

The Department said it hopes the new ESSA will help expand upon previous efforts to increase quality preschool care, increase high school graduation rates to the highest on record, and provide greater college opportunity to all American students.

Read the full release here.

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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