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How Two School Systems Are Dealing With Database Management Adoption

In Arizona and Alabama, two schools systems are trying to improve their performance by adopting DecisionEd’s performance management systems for their staff.

“The company sells a performance management application specifically for K-12 that provides data dashboards, reports, alerts, scorecards, metrics and analytic tools to allow departments to view, analyze and share data across multiple data sources,” according to The Journal.

The two schools—Balsz School District #31 and Dothan City Schools—decided to take this approach rather that opting for other feedback modules. The DecisionEd technology will be implemented to “perform data management” as well as the production of analytics and reports. Through these reports, teachers and administrators can instantly track where the weaknesses and strengths are within their school systems.

"With DecisionEd, all of our data is included. Since the K-12 data landscape is ever changing, should we decide to change or add source systems (assessments, SIS and so forth), DecisionEd proved that they have the most flexible, robust platform that can incorporate any K-12 data, all at no additional cost," according to Julie Morganthal, director of technology services for Balsz.

“DecisionEd software will provide the data and analytics to help the district and foundation understand program effectiveness during the pilot and help staff make data-informed decisions,” according to the report as it pertains to Dothan’s use of the technology.


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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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