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Coding in Kindergarten Teaches 21st Century Skills, Experts Say

Coding In Kindergarten Teaches 21st Century Skills, Experts Say

Coding may be becoming a popular initiative in K-12 schools, especially in the earlier grades. 

Introducing coding to kindergartners can help them develop 21st century skills such as problem solving and creativity, said an article on Coding can also "help them reflect on their own learning."

"Coding has emerged as one of the most popular learning trends in recent years, and when it comes to programming, young students are proving just as capable as older students," said the article. "Studies suggest that engaging students in STEM and computer-based learning at an early age will help students retain their interest as those subjects become more challenging in high school and college, and it is this line of thinking that has prompted such early introductions to coding concepts."

The article features what experts and educators say about the younger grades learning how to code. Amanda Strawhacker, one of these experts, says that technology enhances learning even for the very youngest school students. Teaching coding to kindergarten students, Strawhacker said, "is a lovely way to introduce design-based learning concepts ... When you teach something how to think or be or act, you really are thinking about how you yourself think or act - you're reflecting on your learning."

Coding, the article said, "touches on a handful of skills students develop as they enter school." One of the skills they learn is sequencing and order. 

"Young students focus greatly on patterns and ordering, including learning how to create and discern patterns, telling stories, and even learning to tie their own shoes," the article said. "This more mathematical or structured way of thinking lends itself nicely to coding, where students can see the immediate effects of changing a sequence or order."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor 

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