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'Code Your Future' Webinar to Bring Awareness to the Importance of Coding in K-12

Coding is becoming a focal point in the STEM push for K-12 schools across the nation. PCS Edventures! will host a webinar in October to show why coding is an essential aspect of K-12 STEM education.

“PCS Edventures!, experts in hands-on educational products for classroom, after-school and home learning, has announced that registration is now open for the educational webinar – “Code Your Future: Why Programming is an Essential Part of STEM Education,” according to a recent press release.

“Code Your Future” is meant to shed light on a new phenomenon that is taking STEM learning by storm. If you ever questioned why, this webinar promises to answer that question and further prove why coding is necessary in grades K-12.

Unfortunately the program is limited to 1,000 registrations making it a limited event. Schools nationwide could benefit from the information, which includes, interactive game development, key skills coders should have and what it takes to be successful in the programming industry.

It’s essentially giving students who are interested in coding a glimpse into a very bright future and allowing them to see tech's real life applications.

“There is a growing movement nationwide that recognizes the gap in STEM education and this educational webinar will provide testimony of how early computer programming training can impact a child’s future,” said Robert Grover, Co-CEO of PCS Edventures.

“Computer science and coding remain central to defining the future careers of our children and we want to gain more support and participation from parents and educators to achieve results that will engage students in computer science topics at an early age.”

By preparing students for a future in a growing industry, administrators and educators will be able to give purpose to the added technology in the classrooms as well as bring diversity to the classroom in terms of overall interest in coding. The “Code Your Future” webinar is scheduled for October 14.

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Article by Navindra Persaud, Education World Contributor

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