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CNN'S #EducationHelpedMe Highlights Education's Importance

CNN'S #EducationHelpedMe Highlights Education's Importance

In honor of World Against Child Labor Day on June 12, CNN has taken to Twitter to ask users across the world to tell how education has changed their life using the hashtag #EducationHelpedMe. CNN is setting out to show the diverse but profound effects of education on a global scale.

CNN is taking time to highlight the stories of individuals to show how education gives children the future they desire and saves them from falling into poverty, a damning cycle that plagues high-poverty areas around the world.

"CNN anchors got involved with the initiative too, showing us how far they have come, thanks to a good education. 'Education helped me to have lots of opportunities. My sports broadcast career began at university,' said sports anchor and correspondent Alex Thomas. While CNN's Isa Soares said education helped her to "be insatiably curious, creative and critical," according to its site.

Tweeted @Maktaylormade in Texas: "Education helped me understand that there is no such thing as free. Work hard and reap the rewards!"

Said @KingGeorgeXII, "Education helped me realize I could stand up on my own and remain competitive even when things fall apart." And @Maryodeke in Washington D.C., "Education helped me get a job with the World Bank. Now I can help end poverty and foster development in countries like Uganda."

"According to the International Labour Organization, 120 million children between the ages of five and 14 are involved in child labor, with some 98 million working in agriculture. For many of those children, going to school is impossible," CNN said.

Education has helped millions other avoid the same fate and will help others as well.

To share how education has helped you, log onto Twitter and use the hashtag #EducationHelpedMe.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor.


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