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Better Than Bullying: Clinton Announces Anti-Bullying Policy for Schools

Clinton to Announce Anti-Bullying Policy for Schools

The Democratic presidential candidate is keeping the momentum building before the general election in just two weeks by announcing today a proposal that will tackle bullying in schools.

According to Politico, the proposal will be called “Better Than Bullying” and will set aside $500 million in new federal funding for states to use to develop anti-bullying plans and overall support mental health education in schools.

The funding can be used specifically to combat bullying, or it can be used to provide mental health support services, create suicide prevention programs, or increase social and emotional learning education in schools.

The announcement comes just as National Bullying Prevention Awareness Month comes to a close and follows a series of attacks from the Clinton campaign that have labeled her opponent Donald Trump as a bully.

Both Clinton and the Clinton-supporting National Education Association have utilized a non-scientific study from the Southern Law Poverty Center to label Trump as a bully; the study found that many teachers are hesitant to teach about the election due to “The Trump Effect,” or the increase of bullying in classrooms due to the discussion of the tough topics that have surfaced this election.

When it comes to education overall, Clinton has released several policy proposals such as a $2 billion plan to take on the school-to-prison pipeline and a technology and innovation plan that prioritizes computer science.

Clinton has rarely elaborated on such proposals due to the absence of education-related discussions during the debates.

The full plan can be found on Clinton's website, here. 

To find out where Clinton stands on other education issues, see here.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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