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Chromebooks Gain Ground in the Education Market

Google said it sold more than one million low-cost Chromebook laptops to schools last quarter, giving Apple's iPad stiff competition in the education segment.

UPI reported that the low-cost laptop, which runs on the Chrome OS, seems to be gaining favor among educators, reflecting the growing trend of using low-cost laptops in schools to help facilitate the learning process. Google's Chromebook program also allows for the free replacement of laptops that stop working, without any additional costs, making it even more attractive.

In addition, newer software and apps require an actual physical keyboard, so cheap laptops help students consume as well as create new content.

"The affordability and easy maintenance of Chromebooks clinched the deal [in terms of our purchasing decision]," said David Andrade, the CIO for the Bridgeport (CT) Public Schools district.

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Article by Celine Provini, EducationWorld Editor

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