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Charter Schools Increasingly Threaten Public Education

Charter Schools Are Failing the 'Test of Justice'

When it comes to charter schools, how fair are they to students who attend traditional public schools?

Jan Resseger, guest columnist and advocate for public education justice, wrote in opposition to charter schools for Resseger said justice in education must be "systemic."

"A public education system like ours in the United States -- publicly funded, universally available, and accountable to the public -- is the best way I know to balance the needs of each particular child with society's responsiblity to protect the rights of all children," said Resseger. "While there are some excellent charter schools, I believe the growing charter school movement threatens our system of public education."

According to Innovation Ohio, in the fiscal year of 2012, school districts were to receive $6.3 billion for its schools. When deductions totaling $774 million for charter schools were removed [for the just over 108,000 children they enroll], traditional schools were left with $5.9 billion to educate the remaining 1.6 million, they said.

"As charter schools quietly attract children whose parents are active choosers and screen out children with serious disabilities and English learners, traditional public schools are left with the students whose needs are greatest and fewer dollars to serve them," said Resseger. "We risk turning our urban school districts where poverty is highly concentrated into school districts of last resort for children who are less likely to be attractive to charter schools."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor


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