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Cengage Learning Expands Educational Publishing Goals, Partnerships

Cenage Learning Expands Its Goals, Partnerships

Cengage calls itself "the second-largest producer of course materials in U.S. higher education," and its goal is to compete with tech giants such as Facebook, Google and Twitter. The company, which exited bankruptcy, has announced a new headquarters to open in Boston, as well as plans for another in San Francisco. 

The educational publishing company will add 50 positions in Boston, according to Education Week, but will close its CT office in the next few months. 

"We believe that Boston is the center for future growth of education technology and as a result, we believe Cengage Learning should be an anchor of the community," said CEO Michael Hansen. "At Cengage, we have some of the most talented and forward-thinking minds in the industry. Just as students thrive in an innovative and engaging classroom, so shall Cengage, with a new headquarters in one of the most engaging and innovative cities in the world."

 The company also announced a new partnership with Celebrus Technologies to further its reach in online learning. 

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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