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The Careful Process Behind Selecting EdTech

The Careful Process Behind Selecting EdTech

With the boom of the EdTech industry and the influx of digital educational tools, any have wondered if such tools will effect the prominent role of the teacher in the classroom.

Numerous studies, however, have proven time and time again that the device itself does not make learning happen, but rather facilitates a well-trained, quality teacher in his or her thoughtful lesson plans.

Looking at edtech in this way can help teachers and administration sort through the massive amounts of tech tools available to them to find the best one for their school, beginning the careful process that is edtech selection.

"One of the most common questions educators ask when a discussion turns to technology is What device should I buy?...the answer is always, 'The one that does what you need it to do,’” said

The first question, then, the teacher and/or administration should be able to answer before even considering device options is how the school wants and needs to improve learning, the article said.

Only after the school can identify this need can the school start to consider the right edtech for them.

Then, the district can begin to decide upon device needs and search for low-cost options based on this.

After a thorough device selection process, the article warns against assuming the process is over there. Rolling-out and implementing the devices is another crucial part to acquiring new edtech.

For this reason, THEJournal recommends that schools avoid doing a large-scale roll-out and instead use a small and gradual pilot program to begin working with the new technology.

By following this trajectory of planning and implementing, THEJournal says that schools will make the most of its main resources: time and money.

By asking the right questions in the right sequence, a district can realign its priorities to ensure that it is spending the right amount of resources on education technology devices,” the article said.

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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