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Buzzfeed: 33 Problems That All Teachers Will Understand

Buzzfeed: 33 Problems That All Teachers Will Understand

Teachers are returning back to school this week, and to welcome them Buzzfeed has created a list of "33 Problems That All Teachers Will Understand."

"It's not all apples and summer holidays," the article starts, continuing with 33 different pictures and GIFs laying out certain, humorous scenarios all teachers face in the classroom. 

One of the items on the list is titled, "Hearing about 'exciting new changes' to the curriculum", with a GIF of a woman threatening someone with scissors. Another said, "Parents who think their children can do no wrong", with a picture of a tweet from a teacher reading, "Progress Reports go out tomorrow. Can't wait to hear how it's all my fault and I lost all their work! #butreally @TeacherProbs11."

See the full list. 

Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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