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Benefits of Public Education Mostly Social, and We're OK With That contributor and former homeschooled student Georgi Boorman said many dismiss homeschooling and unquestioningly endorse public education, caring less about actual learning than they do about the "crucial socialization" they believe results from educating children in large same-age groups.

She explained: "Watching friends grow up out of the public school system, I’ve become increasingly convinced that 'school' is primarily a social staple in our society, not an educational one. It is a tool of socialization primarily wielded by progressives, and an experience millions of parents believe is crucial to a normal, healthy upbringing."

Boorman added, "We’ve romanticized public school and bought it on impulse, at retail price, because it makes us feel good, or at least fosters a sense of satisfaction in dutifully passing on the experience to our children."

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