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August's Most Inspiring Moments in Education

August's Most Inspiring Moments in Education

The summer is behind us, and the school year is in full swing for most schools across the country. But before we focus on the great things that are happening as students go back-to-school, the is taking a look at some of the great moments in America's classrooms this past August.

For instance, a Tennessee principal promised his students if they could become the highest-achieving school in the county, he'd camp out on the roof. Well, the results came in and on August 23 Dr. Eric Lifsey, principal at Page Middle School in Franklin, Tennessee was tweeting to all his view from the school's roof. Talk about a great way to bribe students. 

Or, sure to make you smile is the story of the orange tabby cat Bubba who was granted a school ID in a California school. The beloved school-wide pet is known to make his way into the school and visit students, with officials joking he has a better classroom attendance than any student. 

In early August, The Elkhart Education Foundation inspired Indiana teachers by doubling the amount of money donated to supplies for innovative teacher projects—a frequently under-funded endeavor not only in Indiana, but across the country.

"The projects, which will impact over 1,300 students, include exercise balls for a kindergarten classroom, iPads for remedial language arts training, and a trip to the U.S. Space and Rocket Center for girls interested in STEM," the 74million said. 

And on August 17, The Lincoln Center of New York City held a boot camp to help 150 low-income students apply to performing arts high schools—this year marked the second annual endeavor. The program in 2014 had a 90 percent success rate.

Great things happened in education in August; check out the 74's full list of instances of inspirations here and comment with your thoughts below. 

Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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