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Arne Duncan Talks Connected Learning on Twitter

Arne Duncan Talks With Teachers on Twitter About Connected Learning

October is Connected Educator Month, and U.S. Secretary Arne Duncan spoke with educators on Twitter this week about education issues and trends. 

Duncan opened up the conversation on Twitter asking the question: "What does connected learning mean to you? #ce14", according to the Hechinger Report. 


Many teachers responded to Duncan the article said, including Debra Finger, lower school technology coach in Pennsylvania. Finger said connected learning is "opening yourself and your students up to the possibility and opportunity to learn with and from others."


Duncan also gave answers to his own questions, including his definition of connected education, Hechinger Report said.

"Personalized learning for teachers and students means connecting with peers and experts around the world," he said, according to the article. .


Another question Duncan asked teachers was "how connected learning impacted how your students learn?"

"Some teachers shared that it is challenging to bring more technology into the classroom," the article said. "a photo that was retweeted offers a visual on this point."


Duncan's third question reflected on the Future Ready Pledge,a roadmap to achieve success and "to committ districts to move as quickly as possible towards our shared vision of preparing students for success in college, careers and citizenship," said the pledge's official website. Duncan asked Twitter followers: "The #FutureReady Pledge calls for fostering a culture of digital learning. What might this look like in your school? #ce14."


Jen Robets, high school English teacher in San Diego, said "it means PD for teachers needs to include the same digital tools they can be using with their students, not paper. #ce14."



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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor


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