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Anti-Obesity Video Aims to Scare Parents Away from Junk Food

Anti-Obesity Video Aims to Scare Parents into Avoiding Junk Food

A year-old public service announcement has recently gone viral, with the aim of shocking parents into avoiding feeding kids junk food. 

In the video, an obese man named Jim is rushed to the hospital because of a heart attack, said The Huffington Post. The video, created by Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, rewinds through Jim's life to show how he ended up in the hospital. Adult Jim drinks soda, eats fast food and plays video games. 

At the end of the video when doctors are operating on Jim, the message reads: "Your child's future doesn't have to look like this. There's still time to reverse the unhealthy habits our kids take into adulthood."

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Article by Kassondra Granata, EducationWorld Contributor

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