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Acer Releases What Could Be the Most Durable Chromebook Yet

Capitalizing on the rapid success of the Chromebook in the education setting, Acer has released a version of the laptop that is perhaps the most durable representation to date.

According to 9 to 5 Google, though Acer’s Chromebook N7 isn’t particularly exciting, it has potential to be the "most fantastic option for classrooms yet."

"Acer claims that the rugged design can withstand drops of up to 48 inches, drops directly onto the corner, and up to 132 pounds of downward force on the top cover," says 9 to 5 Google.

In other words, the laptop can withstand even the most clumsy—-or careless—-of students, alleviating both stress and financial burden from schools sick of constantly repairing edtech.

Other durable features include keyboard keys that can’t be easily removed and a spill-proof design meant to withstand the accidental beverage leak or spill.

To add to the computer’s value in the classroom setting, it also boasts a 12-hour battery life and the quietness of fanless cooling.

Sticking true to what has made the Chromebook popular in the cash-strapped education sphere, the model will be available for purchase by educational and commercial institutions starting at $229 later this month.

Acer isn’t the first company to recently debut a highly durable laptop designed for the educational setting, but it is the first to design a Chromebook like so.

Recently, HP unveiled a spill-resistant 2-in-1 laptop design with similar durable features.

Unlike Acer’s model, it doesn’t boast the benefits that come with Chromebooks, like being powered by Google’s fast and simple Chrome OS.

Read more about Acer’s Chromebook N7 here.

Nicole Gorman, Senior Education World Contributor


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