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‘High Percentage’ of Early Childhood Educators Are Implementing Classroom Technology, Survey Finds

‘High Percentage’ of Early Childhood Educators Are Implementing Classroom Technology, Survey Finds

A new survey from Teaching Strategies has found that a majority of early childhood educators are using edtech in the classroom with confidence.

"The organization's first Early Childhood Technology Survey examined the use of technology in early childhood classrooms, polling more than 800 early childhood educators nationwide on their attitudes toward technology as well as frequency and use,” said the Teaching Strategies in a statement.

Teaching Strategies surveyed educators from all kinds of different early education centers, including public and private preschools in urban, rural and suburban areas.

The survey found that 80 percent of early childhood educators are implementing tablets in the classroom, while 51 percent are using desktop computers and 45 percent are using interactive whiteboards.

The vast majority (90%) of early childhood educators confirm that they have access to technology in the classroom and use it effectively, with 88% using it at least once a week. Survey respondents report using technology for a variety of applications from instructional support tools -- such as lesson planning and interactive media -- to documentation and assessment, professional development and parent/teacher communication.

While the educators surveyed overwhelmingly said they feel confident in how they use technology, there are some things they think would facilitate the process more.

“[S]urvey results indicate open opportunities to strengthen access to and adoption of technology. According to the results, educators report that they could use technology more effectively with improved Internet access (35%), improved access to devices (57%) and access to higher-quality digital resources, such as apps and software.”

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Article by Nicole Gorman, Education World Contributor


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