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Math Teacher Supports NCLB


While some say the No Child Left Behind Act's goal of having all students proficient in math and reading by 2013 is unrealistic, one California math teacher supports the laws high expectations. Included: A description of math performance in one school.

Luquanda Neekey Williams doesn't hesitate to assert her belief in the No Child Left Behind educational doctrine, according to an article in the Riverside Press-Enterprise.

"'I truly see it as a positive thing,' said the math teacher and head of the mathematics department at Pinacate Middle School in Perris, California. 'I believe that, for so many years, we've dumbed down things for kids.'"

Williams added in the article that the often-criticized doctrine can work for all American public-school children.

"The No Child Left Behind Act mandates that all of the nation's public-school students would be proficient in math and English by the year 2013. Critics have suggested that the act is unrealistic and puts too much pressure on teachers and students to achieve that goal," according to the story.

Williams, however, told the newspaper that some of her students are living proof that seventh- and eighth-graders can do much better at math.

Seventh- and eighth-grade students in her algebra classes are now on chapters of a textbook that some ninth and tenth grade students at Perris High School are struggling to reach, the article noted.


Some of the information in this article comes from the U.S. Department of Education. To learn more about this article, you might read:

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    This news article appeared in the Riverside Press-Enterprise on February 21, 2006. Note: This link was live at the time of publication. Some newspaper Web sites require registration. Others retain complete news stories for a limited time.
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