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Fit to Be Taught, Vol.28

Nutrition on the Net -- Healthful Activities for Every Grade!


If your students think nutrition is a dull topic, they haven't gotten the full story on food from the resources of the Internet. Many wonderful sites explain the benefits of eating well, the power of the food guide pyramid, and the history of food.

Many students think of health-related topics as "boring," but the addition of Internet resources can spice up nutrition lessons in a big way! Check out these ideas for making more fun out of food and fitness.

One often-overlooked key to healthful eating is safe handling of food. Many students are not aware that the ways they wash and prepare their food can be as important as what they choose to eat -- and that improper handling of food can lead to illness.

For Kids, Teens, & Educators connected to the U. S. Food and Drug Administration Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition site can help you inform your students about the dangers of bacteria in food.

Students will adore the Food Safety Coloring Book and enjoy engaging in the Food Safety Quiz. A great Word Match makes an excellent review of the material kids learn.

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Wellness News
Overcrowded PE Classes Raise Concerns Although the Texas Education Agency has ruled that there are no limits on the size of PE classes, some parents and educators are worried that overcrowded PE classes are dangerous and limit the types of activities coaches can teach.

Student Athletes Say Steroids Worth the Risk Among students in grades 8 through 12 who admitted in a confidential survey to using anabolic steroids, 57 percent said they would use supplements to enhance their athletic performance even if they might shorten their lives.

Fighting Hunger in the Classrooms

The Childrens Hunger Alliance (CHA) is a major force in promoting school breakfast programs in Ohio. The hope is that greater and easier access to school breakfast programs at all grade levels will increase attendance and lead to higher student achievement. CHA helps schools implement a provision of the school-meal laws that permits schools to reduce paperwork and offer free breakfasts to all students regardless of income.

CHA also works with schools to identify and overcome other obstacles to school breakfast participation. Chief operating officer Dianne Radigan and CHAs partners have assisted these schools in developing a breakfast in the classroom program, a model that has increased breakfast participation across the country, resulting in better student attendance, fewer cases of tardiness, and increased attention span among students.

In one year the CHA program provided 773,000 additional breakfast meals in 229 Ohio schools. Teachers and administrators reported a positive impact on student attendance, tardiness, behavior, and achievement.

Read more about this program at:

Childrens Hunger Alliance School Breakfast Partnership.

Click to learn more about Action for Healthy Kids.

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