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Will Hobart is teaching inclusion special education at Mayer Sulzberger Middle School in West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Will is a 2006 graduate of Kalamazoo College in Kalamazoo, Michigan, where he earned a B.A. in psychology and sociology. Will grew up in Iowa City, Iowa, with his parents and younger sister.

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Why I Joined Teach For America

I decided to join Teach For America to gain experience working in an education environment and do my part in closing the achievement gap in America. Educational opportunities in this country are on an unequal spectrum. Children can live in neighboring communities, share the same playgrounds, and shop at the same grocery stores, yet, attend very different schools. I understand many of the factors influencing this unequal spectrum and I see it as too great to take on alone. However, I believed if I joined Teach For America, a collective effort to close the achievement gap, fellow corps members and I can make a positive contribution to decrease the educational disparities in the United States.

Will Hobart
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Posted to Education World 10/23/2006