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No Educator Left Behind:
Teacher Resources

No Educator Left Behind is a series providing answers from the U.S. Department of Education to questions about the federal No Child Left Behind Act and how it will affect educators. If you have a question about No Child Left Behind, send an e-mail to Ellen Delisio, and we will submit your question to the Department of Education.


Does NCLB provide resources for teachers?


Lesson ideas, publications, and information about No Child Left Behind for teachers are available at Just for Teachers. This page includes: The Teacher-to-Teacher Initiative, which has online professional development opportunities, workshops, and email-based teacher updates.

No Child Left Behind: A Toolkit for Teachers outlines how NCLB supports teachers, how the law's highly qualified teacher provisions work, and other issues of interest to teachers, including loan forgiveness and teacher liability protection.

Improving Teacher Quality State Grants is a program that gives states and districts flexibility to choose the teacher professional development strategies that best meet their needs to help raise student achievement.

To learn what may be available in your state under this program, please contact your state's department of education.

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