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No Educator Left Behind:

No Educator Left Behind is a series providing answers from the U.S. Department of Education to questions about the federal No Child Left Behind Act and how it will affect educators. If you have a question about No Child Left Behind, send an e-mail to Ellen Delisio, and we will submit your question to the Department of Education.


I am a credentialed teacher in California who has been out of the K-12 system for many years -- I have been teaching adult school. I am interested in going into elementary education (which is what I originally received my credentials for). How do I get NCLB certification?


In general, the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act requires public school teachers instructing core academic subject areas to hold a minimum of a bachelor's degree; demonstrate subject matter competency in each of the academic subjects in which the teacher teaches; and obtain full state certification or pass the state teacher licensing examination. The requirements for state certification and licensing are still set by the states. Your state education agency would be able to give you more information about fulfilling these requirements in your state.

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