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Volume 5, Issue 2
January 15, 2007


Invite children to act out this little rhyme as you talk about the legend of Groundhog Day.

Little Georgie Groundhog (children crouch)
Popping out to see (children pop up)
If he finds his shadow (children look around for their shadows)
It's there! My, oh me! (children point and clap)

Little Georgie Groundhog (children standing)
Goes back down to bed (children crouch down, close eyes)
Spring will not be here soon, (children stand, rub eyes as if crying)
Winter stays instead! (children jump up and shout last line)

Susan LaBella
Editor, Early Childhood Education Newsletter



Give each child one whole paper plate and a half of a paper plate. (Use the thin paper ones with ridges around the edge.) Staple the half plate onto the bottom of the full plate, taking care to leave an opening between staples. Let children color the top of the plate blue (sky) and the bottom half brown with some green on top of the brown for grass. Give each child a precut 1 to 2-inch groundhog shape and have him/her glue it onto a craft stick. (The groundhog image at http://www.stemnet.nf.ca/Groundhog/guide/ghpoem1.gif might be suitable for this.) Children can slide their groundhog/stick up between the whole plate and half plate to make their groundhog pop up out of its hole.

Talk with children about what they think will happen on Groundhog Day. Explain that the sun must be out in order for the groundhog to see its shadow; if it is a cloudy day, the groundhog will not see its shadow. Give each child an index card. Let children predict what they think will happen on Groundhog Day and draw a picture on the card to show it. Collect the cards and place them in two rows -- one row above the other. Invite children to count cards and make more/less comparisons. Give the graph a title and display it on a bulletin board. Then, on Groundhog Day, see which students predicted correctly.

Use the word groundhog to introduce compound words, or "two-words together."

  • Brainstorm with children a list of compound words and have each student choose one.
  • Then make "two-word together" folders. Give each child a piece of drawing paper. Turn the paper horizontally. Fold the right side of the paper up to meet the middle. Do the same with the left side. (This is called a French door fold.)
  • On top of the left door, instruct children to print See the ____. They fill in the blank with the first part of the compound word. (For example, See the ground.) On this panel they will draw a picture to illustrate the first part of the compound word (ground).
  • On the top of the right door, children will print See the _____. They will fill in the blank with the last part of the compound word they have chosen. (For example, See the hog.) On this panel they will draw a picture of a hog.
  • Next, children open the doors. On the inside section, instruct them to print See the ____. They will fill in the blank with the compound word they selected. (For our example, See the groundhog.) Each child will draw a picture on the inside to illustrate their compound word.

Bake chocolate cupcakes and frost them with chocolate icing. Insert 2 wafer cookies into top edge of cupcake for ears. Use two blue-coated candies for eyes and a brown one for the nose. Place two mini marshmallows for the groundhog's front teeth. YUM!!

Trace the outline of a groundhog shape onto black posterboard. Take it outside to your play area and hide it. When children go out to play, invite them to line up. Blow a whistle and let everyone scramble to find the groundhog's shadow.



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