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Volume 3 Issue 07
March 29, 2005


Celebrate Spring!

WELCOME! to Education World's Early Childhood Newsletter. Every other week, I'll share some ideas on a familiar teaching theme. Hopefully you will find a new activity idea or two -- or a new twist on one of your old favorites! Since I know you are very busy, I'll be short and sweet -- like most of activities I suggest.

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“Spring has sprung, the grass is riz…” Or has it? Whatever your weather looks like outside, our calendars indicate that spring is officially here. We can’t help but savor the thoughts of buds on trees, colorful flowers, and bright blue skies that spring brings. Celebrate this season of awakenings with your students as you involve them in activities that are sure to help them GROW!

Susan LaBella
Editor, Early Childhood Education Newsletter


Provide children with several kinds of seeds, wax paper, string, and white glue.
Encourage children to squeeze the glue onto the wax paper to make a simple design that is 4 to 5 inches long. Ask children to sprinkle seeds onto the glue. Let the glue dry well. Then help children gently peel their seed designs from the wax paper. Tie a string to each and hang from your ceiling.

Give each child an aluminum pie plate with holes punched in the bottom. Invite children to fill their pans with potting soil. Next, have children use their fingers to “write” the first letters of their names in the soil. (Be sure each child’s letter is about ½-inch deep.) Help children place grass seed inside the outline of their letters in the soil. (A seed every 1/8 of an inch should do it.) Cover the grass seed with a layer of soil. Then water. Watch for the letters to come alive!

Let children enjoy spring showers by having them sprinkle some powdered tempera paint on paper. Then place the papers outside. Invite children to watch as the rain finishes their paintings. As children watch, encourage some rainy observations:
-- What things look different when they are wet? The sand? The blacktop?
-- What new sounds do you hear?
-- Try clapping your hands to the beat of the raindrops.

Cut a 3-inch-wide strip of paper from a grocery bag for each child to use as a headband. Invite children to sponge paint pastel-colored flowers onto their paper strips, to color and glue precut flower shapes onto the bands, or to decorate their headbands with scraps of fabric or ribbon. Staple each decorated headband together. Let children wear their headbands and create a spring dance as you play Tschaikovsky’s “Waltz of the Flowers” from the Nutcracker Suite.

Take children for a walk on a gusty spring day. While outside invite children to
-- show which way the wind is blowing.
-- run with the wind.
-- run slower than the wind.
-- stand still and move their arms like the wind.
-- run with streamers or balloons. (Which way do they go?)
-- hold up a wet finger. (What do you feel?)


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