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Spring Has Sprung

The Vernal Equinox is one of the four great seasonal changes every year. Day and night are equal, and the changing weather can lift the spirits of young -- and old -- alike. Don't miss this opportunity to have some fun and educate at the same time.


Plant Seeds of Learning:
Classroom Lessons Bring Plants to Life

Five classroom lessons involve students in growing things and learning about scientific classification, plant cell structure, the importance of plants in our history, and the many uses of plants. Included: Links to more lessons.

Education World

Springtime On-Line
Does spring fever have your students all a-buzz? Use their boundless energy to help them learn about the bees -- and the flowers and the seeds.

Gems from the Garden:
Digging Up Activities for All Ages

Plant a seed, design a garden, or investigate the life of a worm -- welcome the new season with those activities and a crop of others. Included: More great resources.

Grow a Great Spring Bulletin Board: Eggshell Flowers
Create a colorful spring bulletin board using this fun art project. (Grades K-5)

Trees Sprout Classroom Lessons Throughout the Year
Why not go out on a limb! Springtime and Arbor Day are great times to branch out and include in your curriculum timely lessons about trees. Included: Lessons for measuring trees, reading a color key map, creating tree silhouettes and a "good behavior tree," more.

Five "Eggs-traordinary" Lesson Plans: Just Add the Eggs
Looking for a teaching theme to welcome spring? We have "eggs-actly" what you're looking for. Toss eggs into the curriculum mix. Eggs can be used to teach skills in math, geography, and science. And don't forget the art "eggs-hibit."

Affordable Art for a Sensational Spring
Celebrate the arrival of spring with art activities that will bring out creativity, not break the bank. You can find all the ingredients for these sunny lessons in a classroom closet. Included: Five lessons that make everyday materials into uncommon treasures.

Grow a Garden of Opportunity
Classroom gardens, whether outside or indoors, provide the perfect opportunity to bring life to lessons in science, history, math -- even poetry.

Schoolyard Soil Dwellers: What’s Living in Your Schoolyard?
Participants in the Schoolyard Soil Dwellers online project are discovering the rewards of getting their hands dirty and comparing data across the miles. Included: Teachers and students share their experiences.

Soar Into Spring With Kites
Spring has sprung! Soar out of the winter doldrums with a lesson plan both you and your students are sure to enjoy.


EW's Best Of The Bug Books
Book Reviews: Six new books provide information, experiments, and stories to motivate students' explorations of the insect world.

Composting In Schools
Web Site Review: The site has resources, information, and experiments for students to learn about composting.

Planting The Seeds Of Science
Book Review: Thirteen hands-on science experiments teach basic concepts about plants in this new book from the Ontario Science Centre and Kids Can Press.

Kinder Garden
Web Site Review: The information here serves as an introduction to activities and ideas for allowing children to interact with plants and the outdoors.


Updated: 03/03/2015


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